Australian & New Zealand Academy of Periodontists

20th Anniversary Scientific Meeting

President’s address

I write to you regarding ANZAP’s plans for our meetings over the next 2 years. This time last year our planning was well advanced for the 2021 meeting in Queenstown. We had our principal speaker organised and the program was well advanced. Planning was going well.

COVID-19 has heavily impacted on us all, although in Australia and New Zealand we have been relatively fortunate compared with the USA and Europe. As the year draws to a close, there is still considerable uncertainty, yet with the possibility that in Australia and New Zealand, that we may avoid a significant 2nd wave. A return to normality as it previously existed, with travel and large gatherings, is still uncertain.

For this reason, ANZAP Council have decided to cancel ANZAP’s 3-day meeting in Queenstown March 2021 rescheduling a year later to 24 - 26 March 2022.

There had been some consideration of holding a digital / hybrid one-day meeting. Again, the logistics of this, with the uncertainty as to restrictions, has prevented this.

ANZAP has always had high member participation in meetings. Collegiality within our specialty is valued and once we have a degree of safety, there will be an appetite for members to meet again, hopefully in March 2022. We look forward to participating with you, either as sponsors or within a trade display, in planning this meeting. We will contact you again in August 2021.

If you have any queries, we are very happy to answer these. You’re welcome to email Kate,

With kind regards,

Nicholas Cole
ANZAP President